Jonathan Edelman - Candidate for State Representative - Illinois District 15
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Thank you for visiting my campaign website. I’m running for State Representative because Im disgusted with the way our state has been run into the ground. I believe that our government representatives should be answerable to the people they represent and should truly serve the voters. I think that stopped happening in Illinois a very long time ago.

If you elect me, I promise that my service to you will be founded upon

five principles…

1ACCESSIBILITY – I want to be YOUR representative. I will work for you and act like it every day.

2TRANSPARENCY – You will know every penny of my campaign finances and how I spend my time in service to you. I will also do my best to make our state's finances as clear and available as possible to you on my website.

3LIMITED GOVERNMENT – Every decision I make will be to give you the smallest possible government consistent with a free and thriving society.

4COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – You have a responsibility also. A government of the people can't function without the people. I will ask you to be involved in helping to make our state great once more.

5SELF-IMPOSED TERM LIMITS – I promise not to serve more than two terms. Our permanent political class is wrecking our state.


If you have any questions about my candidacy, please send me an email at



Jonathan Edelman for State Representative

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